Mature Businesses

Intelligence at the service of the Enterprise

Mature businesses are well recognised with a range of established clients and suppliers. There is a certain prestige associated with working for them. Moreover they are complex eco-systems, requiring macro as well as micro-level information to understand its needs and excesses. Mature enterprises require efficient data collection systems on its operations, and leverage the growing trend in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to analyse its data into meaningful information for decision making. BI analytics is the art of transforming disparate and business-wide processes data into an inter-connected set of visual chart representation information of the whole. These decision-ready dashboards indicators are central to the executive management of the business. They should be used not only for the tracking of the overall health of the business but also to monitor new business ventures, track specific milestones, and most importantly analyse its excesses. BI should be used not only for growth but also to make savings. To understand what BI can do, we invite you to read our article on BI for SMEs.

An Integral Reality

A mature enterprise is inextricably linked to its society and in some cases to humanity as a whole. It is therefore important to integrate this reality in the business mission. This is done in a concerted effort to ensure the balance in the flow of give and gain between the enterprise and its society. The greater this flow, the greater the growth and strength of the enterprise. Furthermore, it is vital for the enterprise to know its society and inversely for the society to know the enterprise. Communicating the vision and the mission of the enterprise cannot be over emphasised. However, collecting data from society, its trends, aspirations, economic health, cultural evolution and any other aspects deemed important for the business mission, needs to be done systematically. This data should be processed with equal zeal by the Business Intelligence analyst of the enterprise in order to have an objective handle on social changes. The integral nature of the relation between a mature enterprise and society is the fulcrum to its sustainable growth.

Investing in Execution

The enterprise is an eco-system that extends well beyond the owner’s vision, this is ever more apparent when a mature business goes public and investors need to concert on the executive team. Much effort and money is expanded to find talented managers and executives to lead the enterprise. Some of these grow through the ranks of the company, others are enticed from top-rated business institutions. Nevertheless, a common affliction in many businesses is the lack of trust vested in this talent. The executive remains a tightly guarded bastion, reserved for the owners and is often the source of weakness. A mature business needs generals to command its armies and in battle, it is the general that commands, the king only sets the goals and vision. It is ever so important to empower your executive and managers, to ensure their contribution is matched by their gains, for only then will their full potential blossom.