Established Businesses

A Mission for Sustainable Growth

An established business is one that has achieved a certain presence, a moderate brand equity, and dependable clients. Most SME businesses fall in this category. Many of these are satisified with their level of business. However, there comes a point in the life-time of such a business where a momentum for sustainable growth is required. It may be due to market pressures to grow or perish, it may be a fresh and emboldened leadership in the form of a younger succession. Regardless of the source for this need, it is important to first clarify the vision. The importance of a vision is paramount to any business, and we invite you to read this article on our blog, Syllogic Thinks!

From Vision to Mission

A clear vision of the business is a compelling ingredient for growth. A mission statement needs to be drawn with a set of goals for the medium and long term which encompases all stakeholders of the enterprise. Communicate the business vision to the stakeholder with clarity and passion. The growth of a business is a complex equation which raises new challenges as it grows. It is therefore important to organise and prioritise actions and processes. Organisation should not be imposed for the sake of processes, but rather for the need of clarity. It is important at all levels of the business and its stakeholders to have clarity in the work, for it is the consciousness with which the work is done that determines its quality. Therefore it is important to analyse current processes with care and determine if revision is required.

Investing in Organisation

In order to captain the enterprise on a trajectory of growth, it is important to collect information from all sections of the business. To help with this gathering exercise, a business should invest in IT tools that permit a better organisation and data collection of various processes and centres of the business. Enterprise Resource Management infrastructure are now available off the shelf in various flavours and for various business industries. Mature open source solutions are used by private corporations as well as public organisations and can save on expensive licensing cost, allowing funds to be channelled towards customising the tool to specific needs. We invite you to read our post on the importance of enterprise management systems.