We believe in our work and want to be judged by it, we therefore engage our clients at 50% discounts of our fees, and only proceed to charge the other 50% if our efforts valued.

Transform your business

A Sustainable Relationship

We believe that our relationship with our clients should be endowed with the same spirit as the growth we endeavour to establish. It should be sustainable. For this reason we seek to establish a long term relation with your enterprise, not necessarily based on financial exchanges. We seek to gain your trust and respect for our work. These are tangible gains that are not always measured in terms of money. However, we also strongly believe quality and dedicated efforts should not be taken for granted, and therefore needs to be priced appropriately so that its patron may appreciate its value. To balance these two aspirations, we offer our services as open ended retainer contracts where emphasis is laid on balance between gain and contribution. If our efforts are not yielding realistic contribution to your business, we frankly admit it and would rather cut short our financial engagement than endanger our relationship with you. A sincere and realistic self-evaluation is important when striving for a long term relation.

Integrating your Business

As part of our offer, we integrate your business as Creative Strategy Partners. We bring with us a number of partners specialised in various aspects of communication and enterprise management depending on the need and requirement. Our consultant will establish regular meetings with your executive, at least once a month, possibly more in the initial phase of the business transformation program.

…For Start-ups

If you are a start-up, we offer a Vision workshop which aims to develop your vision and a mission for your enterprise. We advise you on how to best communicate this vision in an affordable and consistent manner to ensure that right from the start you build your brand in order to accelerate penetration into the market. We have a range of business lead development strategies, both for B2B and B2C business opportunities that we can propose, levering your strengths and aligning it with your vision. If you are looking to retail your products we strongly recommend exploring the opportunities offered by an e-Commerce solution which we can develop for you.

…For Established Businesses

For an established company, we offer a multi-faceted growth strategy that comprises setting up solid organisational systems to prepare for a business ramp-up, a creative business promotion that leverage the power of social media and a roadmap for strengthening your business.

…For Mature Businesses

A mature company needs information to further grow its business in a competitive market. Our Business Intelligence consultant will be able to advise you on how to build a BI strategy for your needs. Analysis of market realities combined with performance analysis of your company allows you to fine tune your business and cut down on waste.