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Training & Lectures


Expand your skill resources and let your potential bloom.

As part of our portfolio of services, we offer introductory and intermediate workshops on various aspect of business transformation. The training workshops aim to raise the awareness of the importance of its topics as well as bring in new tools and techniques to empower your employees and improve the performance of your business. We offer workshops on creative thinking, business intelligence, brand communication and program management.

From passion to vision. This workshop is specially conceived for the executive of the company. The vision of an enterprise is a very powerful tool when properly crafted. The key aspect of developing a vision lies in tapping the original passion which is at the root of the business. The workshop attemps to source this passion, and introduces tools to enable the extraction of the essence of that source. The vision is the expression of that source.

Creative thinking. This workshop is specially conceived for the management of the company. It is mainly a review of what is creative thinking, why it is important for any business, and how one can equip oneself to improve our creative abilities. The workshop uses various media form to bring in a new perspective and awareness to the role of management as creative problem solvers in the company.

Business Intelligence. This is especially targeted at BI analyst in your organisation, as it exposes them to new techniques of BI investigation and analysis through examples and scenarios. A common recurring problem in Indian companies is the lack of exposure of BI analyst to other industries as career choices often leads to single-industry experience. Exposure to other analytical challenges is a great way to train the mental capabilities and creative thinking which are paramount in this field of work. Our workshop reviews the scope of BI analysis, the fundamental questions that BI analysis should seek answers to and the basic techniques used to pursue our quest for answers. The workshop used varied hands-on experience to work through these topics.

Social Marketing. A workshop on brand image communication and marketing online in general, the topics covered are central to the question of integral communication to all stakeholders of a company. It emphasises the importance of communication in today’s highly connected world and the need to have an integral vision of your brand as well as your stakeholders.

Program Management. This workshop reviews the latest tool and techniques used in program management, the pitfalls to avoid and the strengths to acquire to make you a successful manager of people and resources. This is not targeted at any particular industry, but rather is a review of tools and techniques that can be applied to various types of projects.

Educational lectures.

Passing on knowledge to the next generation.

Our experts have a varied and rich professional experience that they have distilled in a series of lectures aimed as school children, college students and corporate managers. These lectures are based on real experience and are mainly to provide an insight as well as share that experience with a larger audience. None of these lectures are connected to any of our services and an in no way a mean to promote our business. They are simply for the sake of engaging our experts with a wider audience.

The future of Astronomy. This lecture reviews astronomy through the ages, the big breakthroughs, the big questions currently being focused on through various international efforts and presents a couple of very promising technologies that promise the field a very bright future. This lecture is offered in various versions, for school children, college students and even as a form of entertainment for corporate professionals.

Why is the sky blue and the night dark. This simple lecture reviews the spectrum of light, its composition, and the nature of light as we see it every day. The lecture is aimed at school children and is delivered by an our science expert who has worked on many science program in the UK such as the BBC ScienceLine, a group that provides simple scientific explanations to children in the UK for programs such as Horizon.

Fashion beyond design. Our marketing expert talks on the very varied aspects of professional careers available to students in the fashion industry. Often misconceived as being only about design, the fashion industry has a whole spectrum of career opportunities that are specifically linked to the field and required dedicated inspired and fashion loving young graduates sustain itself.

What is sustainable development. This lecture is aimed at all audiences; it covers some basic concept of development, the impact of modern economic growth on society and the environment, and put across the rational for need for creative solutions to meet our growing demands in a sustainable way. It illustrates these concepts with a series of on-going development that have managed to marry commercial success with sustainable development.

Paruthi, sustainable clothing for a sustainable planet. This lectures explores the success of Paruthi, an organic cotton line of clothing from South India, its beginnings and aspirations, and the secret of its success. It also exposes the extreme effects of the cotton industry on our society and environment, and why it is important to work toward a more sustainable form of clothing as consumers.