The Green People of India

The Green People of India (TGPI) is a collective of eco, ethical, sustainable, fair trade. Numerous enterprises from different cities across India are part of this green initiative.

In the past few years there has been a growing awareness among our fellow Indians about climate change, pollution, the need for an organic, green-conscious lifestyle giving rise to various green enterprises, who have been working in their own little nooks and workshops creating green & sustainable products and services.

It all started in the first week of May 2013, it started with 1 email and 25 recipients cc’d in. In 13 days there were more than 100 green enterprises cc’d into the conversation and everyone wanted the same thing. More awareness!

With this awareness, came the realisation that it didn’t help any of us to be in our own little isolated corner, operating in a silo, sweating it out to save the world. We have all the energy, enthusiasm and passion to make a difference, but the resources we have are always used up to further our own cause, concept & work!

The mission of The Green People of India is “Promoting Eco-enterprises and Sustainable Development in India”.

This mission is to achieved by building a collective brand that will champion the beliefs, the aspirations and the business values. It is not be seen as just multiplying the individual efforts of each members for the sake of making TGPI financially richer. The combined effort will go towards making our society conscious of what the collective stands for.

>p>In the process, it is automatic that all individual enterprises grow financially. Economic sustainability, will be the lynchpin of the collective, for if the individual enterprises are not able to sustain financially then who will champion the other values that the collective stands for.