ISOL Foundation

Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Foundation (ISOL)is an initiative started by Sunita Singh Sengupta and shared by like spirited people across the globe to promote leadership that nurtures the spirit of each person in order to create harmony at workplace and society.

The relentless pursuit of egoistic gratification has led to the current situation of corporate greed and lack of trust amongst people. People are the strength of the organizations and the leader who integrates this understanding creates an environment where people can use their full potential, feel appreciated and grow in the process. This requires an outside – in approach. The need is to create virtue based organizational processes to bring transparency and accountability in order to create good governance practices. The virtue based governance practices is likely to build enlightened corporate citizenship behavior enabling the organizations to realize Sarve Bhuta Hiteh Ratah – Welfare and good of all human creatures.

The Foundation envisages promoting compassion and trust at workplace in order to create non-violent, non-exploitative and sustainable organizations.