Indigreen is the brainchild of ex TV Fashion & Lifestyle journalist Nidhi Singh and entrepreneur Gaurav G. They met when working on campaigns to address climate change.

Nidhi drives the creative force of Indigreen while Gaurav helped design the initial business strategy and engineered Indigreen’s flagship retail presence on the web – the IndiGreen Web Shop.

Indigreen stands for sustainable values. This extends not only to the material we use but also our talented workforce. Some of our principles:

  • 100% eco friendly we exclusively use certified organic cotton, bamboo fabric and hand woven organic khadhi.
  • Fair wages, our painting artists receive a proper artist fee and our stitching employees receive 4 x the going rate in the local area.
  • 100% safe, we take care in using high quality, non-toxic, eco friendly paints.
  • Uncompromising on design and quality. The Indigreen ‘fit’ is the result of putting in those extra stitches.