Sustainable Growth

Seeding the seed of Sustainable growth

What does sustainable growth mean for a business? Can we imagine a business as an enterprise that is part of our legacy of our visit on this planet. We set out to achieve goals, to enable our vision to contribute to our family, our community, our society and if possible to humanity as a whole. Regardless of the driving principle behind a business, if one aims to sustain it on a long term it is important to set seeds today so that this enterprise continues into the future. This is sustainable growth in its essence. It is establishing a vision for long term growth.

Syllogic Consultants is dedicated to enabling integral sustainable business development and growth in India. The essence of which is to establish a vision for long term growth while preserving economic, social and where possible environmental resources in a manner that encompasses all stakeholders of an enterprise: economic sustenance is the foundation of a healthy venture; social responsibility is the corner stone of the enterprise for human resource is its most treasured asset; and encouraging frugal resource consumption makes for good practice but also shoulders our society’s effort for environmental sustainability.

Enabling sustainable growth through your stakeholders

An enterprise is made up of people, people who contribute to its development by their work, their custom, their supply of materials and services, their leadership skills. We refer to these people as the stakeholders of the enterprise. They each stake a part of their life to the well being of this company for they have every reason to see it prosper. The first stakeholders are the founders/owners of this business and generally make up its executive core, then comes the employees, followed by the clients and suppliers and finally comes the society at large, for from this larger pool comes the next generation of stakeholders.

Give and Gain

Sustainable growth is ensured when each stakeholder contributes and gains from the enterprise. It is paramount to systematically ensure this balance between giving and receiving for each one of the stakeholders, for this is what fuels the growth. The greater the flow of exchange, the greater the growth. Furthermore, gains are not just financials rewards, self-improvement, empowerment, respect, and trust are tangible and important dimensions of this exchange. An imbalance in this exchange will inextricably lead to the spiral of growth to shrink and possibly stop.

One step at a time…

All goals have a priority, and for a business it is important to implement the right actions with a sense of order. A start-up business needs to focus on economic sustainability and vision communication; an established business organise itself for growth; and a mature business fine tune its operations and strive to reduce inefficiencies.