Foregoing insipid and comfortable corporate jobs, they embarked on putting their cumulated experience at the service of the SME sector...

Who are we

Syllogic Consultants was started by Venkat and Vrata in 2012 as a result of a deep-felt conviction that their energies needed to be channelled into an awakening India. Foregoing insipid and comfortable corporate jobs, they embarked on putting their cumulated experience at the service of the SME sector for the simple reason that this is where they believe their efforts can have an impact on an awakening India.

They where part of the Ana Hazare movement against corruption, chanting and marching in the streets to voice their call for change. Wanting to do more they embarked on this adventure.

venkatVenkatanarayanan K. – Syllogic Head, Project Management / IT Guru

Always motivated by a good IT challenge, Venkat never fails to rise to the task. He is an avid Karnatic singer and Tamil poet.

IMG_20140417_132434~2Aurovrata V. – Creative Strategy & Analytics

Highly motivated by problem solving task involving new concept and methods. Very good with numbers and making sense of interconnected data. A research background in Astrophysics has given him the problem-solving tools and rationalisation methods that have been highly successful may it be in the Financial banking world or the European Space Agency. He aspires to serve a resurgent India in the belief that she alone has the depth of awareness to lead humanity towards a new consciousness, united in all its diversity.

Jayshree VenkatesanJayshree Venkatesan – Consultant in Rural Finance & Development

Jayshree Venkatesan works as an expert in financial inclusion and impact investment. She believes deeply in the transformative power of finance for economic development. She is currently collaborating with Syllogic Consultants in replicating a model for rural dental health care delivery, which has been very successful in the bio-region of Auroville. The project, beyond providing access to high quality, low cost dental health care with a high focus on preventive, promotive care, also uses a technique that lowers physical stress faced by dentists, allowing them to see a higher number of patients per day. In the financial inclusion space, Jayshree is engaged in building a licensing partnership framework to replicate a model for financial inclusion built by IFMR Rural Finance. She also collaborates with an action research group incubated by IIT Madras called Okapi Research and Advisory Services. In this capacity, her current project includes assisting an organisation engaged in craft based livelihoods in readiness to scale and attract investments. In her previous roles, Jayshree was the Chief Executive Officer of IFMR Mezzanine Finance and involved in the initial days of structuring USD 100 mn microfinance debt fund to be advised by IFMR Advisory Services Private Limited (now called IFMR Investment Advisors). She has a diverse range of work to her credit, spanning structured investments in microfinance institutions, education, healthcare and building craft based livelihoods through market access.

SathyaJayasathyanarayanan R.S – Developer Magento & WordPress

A shy developer, he always has a smile on his face and ever eager to develop new projects. A devoted man who regularly seeks the blessings of Sai Baba or Shirdi. Sathya has been at Syllogic since the start and has developed remarkable skills on the Magento platform.