We stress on the fact that we bring to your business acumen, a refreshing perspective that opens new horizons for your growth.

What we do

Championing the goal of Sustainability

We champion sustainable values for business growth. These included economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability. What do we mean by that?

Do you aspire to continue to do business for the next twenty years while retaining the trust of your current customers?

We are yet to find a negative answer to this question. However few business truly strive to achieve this, for a business rarely develops strategies over such a long period. Syllogic champions this very goal, and we believe that together we can develop strategies that can truly transform your business to achieve a sustainable growth: integral, conscious and long term.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. We have tailored our approach to fit the needs of organisations with different needs. Be it that you are a Start-up or an Established business or a Mature Business. We bring to your business acumen, a refreshing perspective that opens new horizons for your growth.

Sustainable IT Solutions

Making IT work for you is a clichéd term. Making it work for you in an affordable way is what Syllogic brings to the table. No more high cost proprietary solutions that demand several lakhs of rupees as annual license fee. No more unintelligible mumbo-jumbo about what you need. Maximize the Business Value that IT brings to your organization.

Taking your products online?

Climb on board the fastest growing horizon of the retail industry. Get your products and business online with a website powered by Magento, the leading Open Source Framework for eCommerce Solutions.

Building your website

A website should truly reflects the aesthetics that your organization believes in. Building your organisation’s website with blogs to give latest updates and news to the audience across is a breeze with WordPress, the leading Open Source Framework for blogsites.

Integrated Business Information

ERP solutions are no longer the costly time consuming exercise that is affordable by big enterprises. Say yes to the Open Source ERP solution, the leader in the pack – webERP. Automate all your vital business processes. The integrated information from the ERP system can provide vital tools for your top level decision making.

Integral Web Presence

Worried about the ever expanding canvas of the World-wide-web? Don’t know whether to communicate your Organization’s message in Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or the plethora of the social platforms? Is your communication reaching the audience that you aim for? Let Syllogic help you find your way in this intricate web.