Syllogic consultants champions a future where integral sustainable development is the norm, not the exception.

Welcome to Syllogic!

The raison-d’etre

Syllogic Consultants was formed to enable Sustainable Business Practices in Small & Medium size Enterprises.
The concept of Sustainability is as old as Humanity itself but then the practices that we have imbibed into our businesses sometime go contrarian to the tenets of best practices that we hear, see and read about.
Sustainability is all about having a long term vision in mind and going about our daily tasks with a vision of the broader and longer term picture in our mind.
Back in 2005 when the United Nations at its World Summit on Social Development, unfurled its vision on Sustainability, three pillars were identified viz. economic, social and environment as the corner stones of Sustainability. Culture is usually seen as an integral part of Society. However, the speed of communication and globalization has posed a serious threat to indigenous cultures around the world. Do we need to include Culture as yet another pillar of sustainability? Definitely says team Syllogic.
Without splitting hairs on the definition of Sustainability, simply put Sustainability is the touch stone to measure how developed and mature we are.
Syllogic aims to bring sustainability onto the tables of Small & Medium Enterprises in India through a series of innovative products and services.